In the past, extractions were very commonplace because severe decay and damage simply could not be treated. However with the advancement of technology and dental techniques, most problems can now be treated. Extractions are still done today but only as a last resort when there truly is no other choice. Patients can also voluntarily choose to have their teeth extracted however this is not always necessary. It is usually recommended to receive treatment and try to save the natural tooth rather than extracting it.

The most common extractions are for wisdom teeth. This is due to the fact that some wisdom teeth grow and develop in such a way that causes them to impact other teeth. In other words, instead of growing properly out of the jawbone, the wisdom teeth sometimes grow towards and into the other teeth. This can cause significant pain, and the tooth must be extracted even if it is otherwise healthy.

Thankfully, the wisdom teeth are not necessary for maintaining good oral health, and millions of people have their wisdom teeth removed every year without complications. In fact, some people lack the genes that allow for wisdom teeth to develop at all!

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